Edin Durmisevic
Edin Durmisevic
Character/Concept design and visual development
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


My name is Edin Durmisevic and I was born on April 02 1985 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The thing that describes me the most is the fact that I just love art and everything that goes with it. I am educated in traditional, academic drawing and painting but I love imagination and creative exploration of fantasy and futuristic worlds not jet visualized. My other interests are Character animation and 3D modeling. Love watching movies and reading books.

I have 10+ years of work experience, working for different agencies as illustrator, character animator, character designer, concept artist, and visual development artist. Can work under strict and detailed art direction. Love to explore different art styles. I can work with minimal direction and supervision because I love to take initiative and explore different approaches to problems. I am able to work and perform well, under tight deadlines. I love challenges and love environment that supports exploration. I have experience in leading a team and I have experience in being one of the members of a larger team in a production environment. Always optimistic, focused, and motivated.

- Fundamentals of creature design, 3dtotal Publishing 2020
- Sketching from the imagination: Creatures & Monsters, 3dtotal Publishing 2019
- Mythical Beasts, 3dtotal Publishing 2017
- Imagine FX August 2016 edition
- 48 Golden pen, Serbia International biennale of illustration 2015
- PERA, Istanbul International exhibition of art students 2015
- Biennale of student printmaking Serbia 2014
- Expose 11, Ballistic publishing 2013

- Bosnian language (native)
- English language


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Software proficiency

3ds Max
3ds Max